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To buy the best spinning reel under $100, you have to consider about its weight, height, size, duality, performance etc. There is a massive number of spinning reels in the market. From these, it is not easy to choose the best spinning reel for the money. A spinning reel is a gadget connected to a fishing rod used in casting, winding, plugging and stuffing the line. If you cast the line, it will expand out by the reel. It has a handle so that you can retract the line easily. So it is a fundamental part of the fishing rod. The overall Spinning reel is cheap, well performed and suitable for the beginners and has a great precision.

How to choose a fishing reel:

So you want to buy a fishing reel to catch fishes but don’t know which the best spinning reel under $100 is, then you have landed the right place. Choosing a reel starts with learning what kinds of fish you had like to catch. You need to know what is suitable for you. When you start shopping a fishing reel, you will notice that there are many different kinds of reels on the market. These online stores are like paradise because you can find all kinds of rods, lure, tools, baits, reels and all accessories you want. If you begin searching about reels you will find thousand of options. So you cannot go and check each product specification or read the full review of all. How can you probably make a choice? That’s why you need an expert suggestion. After hours of testing, we have created the top 10 spinning reel lists under 100. There are mainly two types of reels. One is spinning reel and another is bait caster. First, you have to decide whether you would like to buy, a spinning reel or baitcasting reel. Short comparisons between these two reels are given below.

Spinning reel:

The spinning reel is most popular because it is easier to use than a baitcasting reel. It is also called fixed spool reels. This reel was first used in America in 1870. It is weightless and specially designed for the beginners. The wind is another great advantage for this reel if the lures are on the light side. This reel is also backless free. So you can easily rearrange the lines. The spin knob is swap-able between left and right sides to fit your hand. Again you can easily adjust your drag which is accessible during the fight with a fish. You can set a good quantity of fishing line on it so it has good line capacity. You can easily catch small –medium sized fishes like red fish crappie bass etc. This is also very functional for light tackles and bait. Although they are very cheap because you can easily find the best spinning reel for you under 100 dollars. So spinning reel would be the best choice for you. Want to know more about spinning reel?

The Benefit of Spinning Reel:

    • A spinning reel is most common of all reel. It has plenty of features and options.
    • it is more accurate than a spin caster reel.
    • The spinning reel is also being easier to use than a baitcasting reel.
    • The spool can be effortlessly swapped out and you can add extra spool.
    • This reel is a great all- purpose reel because it can be used by the beginner or experienced fisherman.
    • You can easily adjust your drag.

Baitcasting reel:

This reel is also called “bait casting reel”, particularly designed for the most experienced anglers who has better control. So bait casting reel requires skill and practice otherwise they cannot be used efficiently. This reel is not designed for light line. It is especially for fishes over ten pounds. So you have to use 10+ pound lines. Bait caster reel gives you many mechanical advantages but as I said it is only for the experienced person because it is most likely difficult to handle it and requires practice and fitness for the best result. If you are an experienced fisherman then try this top ten baitcasting reels.

Let’s choose the best spinning reel under $100:

There are many new fishing reels knock at the marketplace every year. So it is not easy to keep an eye on these and read all details about them. That’s why we did it only for you. Fishing expert Robert ford and I spent several long days spooling, casting and testing every new spinning reel. So let’s choose the best spinning reel for the money. Before buying a reel you have to recheck –

  • gear ratio and bearing: you have to check gear ratio and the number of ball bearing your spinning reel has. Enough bearing will help you to experience smoother movement and handle. If it has at least 5 bearing, then it is fine but those have to be positioned tactically on the right area. For crank baiting or heavy lure act, gear ratio 5:1 is best. Gear ratio 5:1 means, for each handle turn your bail spins five times around the spool. You can choose a reel with higher gear ratio like 6:2 or above.
  • drag: choose a front drag reel for the best performance.
  • anti-reverse: try to find aluminum spool and frame because they are heavier and more durable to catch big fishes with an anti-reverse feature. Without anti-reverse feature, the reel handle can unwind by accident and cause injury.
  • material: Try to purchase a carbon fiber reel or aluminum reel. Graphite reels are lighter in weight but they are not as durable as aluminum and can easily break under too much pressure. Magnesium reel is only used in freshwater fishing because saltwater can damage this reel. Another one is called Hybrid which is a combination of graphite and aluminum is very strong and lightweight. Adjust your reel with your fishing rod properly. Here are the best fishing rods for you.
  • User-friendly: look at the balance and comfort. Fit your reel properly on your fishing rod. Try to choose our best reel and rod combo pack or a full set.
  • spool: Spool maintains your spinning reels drag and the distance of the cast. So it is an important part of a spinning reel. You will find three types of spools. The internal spool is more likely to get a twist on the other hand skirted spool is less likely to get tangled. The last one is long cast spool. It is longer than others. Long cast spool designs to reduce friction to cast and can go far away.
  • fishing reel sizes: Large line requires large-sized reel. Like deep water fishing, you need a huge extended line. Small-sized reel doesn’t work there. So fishing reel sizes play a vital role in fishing. If you confused with ‘what is the size number mean? ’, Then are many sizes of spinning reels. The size number is 50,100,1000,2000,3000 etc. Manufacturer rates their products differently so there is no fixed rule. Size 20, 200 or 2000 are the same approximate size. For example, if you choose 40 and your friend chooses 4000. But there is no such different between 40/400/400. Both 40 and 400 are the same size. You can catch small fishes (4-8lb) with (1000 or 10 sizes). The fishing line length will be 6-7 foot. For small fishes, you can try (3500 or 35 sizes). If you want to catch medium fishes then go with (5500/55) or (4000/40). Its braid limit is 8-14lb. For big fishes, you should try (60/600/6000), (70/700/70000) or (80/8000) and above. The braid limit would be 10-30lb (6-10kg). You can use small or medium reels for freshwater fishing and for saltwater fishing try to use a heavier one because it will more suitable than medium in saltwater. Want to learn more?
    Small fishes require= 10/100/1000-35/350/3500 size.
    Medium fishes require =40/400/4000-55/550/5500 size.
    Big/Large fishes require =60/600/6000-80/800/8000 or above size. Check our best fishing baits list.

Our team has tested almost every new reel as we can and then we designed this page to provide you with all key information you want so that you can choose the best one for you from our top ten lists. So let’s find out-

Number 1: best spinning reel under $100⇒ The Penn Battle II aluminum spinning reel

I personally have this one. This is one of the finest freshwater reels for the money. It also works smoothly in saltwater and never let you down anytime. Battle II reel is lighter, drunk proof and stronger than other reels in the marketplace. Computer-controlled CNC gear system makes this reel more accurate and reliable. Its main gear is made of aluminum and brass metal that provides ultimate strength. It has five plus one ball bearing which ensures you better casting, free moving and protects from corrosion. It also has anti-reserve bearing and techno-balanced rotor so that you can avoid backlash problem. This reel has 5.2:1 gear ratio which is better than 4:1. Penn battle II has HT-100 carbon fiber metal drag system that’s give you more control while fishing. So let’s check the details-Penn Battle Ii

  • » The line capacity of this Penn battle reel is 2/275, 4/135, 6/105.
  • » This reel comes with 5.2:1 gear ratio and has the anti-reserve bearing.
  • » The weight of this reel is 8.1oz and has 5+1 ball bearing which is better than having 5 bearing.
  • » The bail is made of strong aluminum.
  • » HT-100 means you will get max drag and range.
  • » In battle II you can get better longevity than others.

Number 2: Penn seriesPENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel ( saltwater/ freshwater)

Another best saltwater fishing reels in the world. There is an advantage of the saltwater fishing reel that you can use it both in freshwater and saltwater. This reel is most adept and most recognizable fishing gear among fisherman. This Penn Spinfisher v spinning reel comes with the metal body, techno-balanced rotor, and advanced gear alignment. It has water resistance design. So saltwater couldn’t get inside the drag system and gearbox. This reel also has 3 HT-100 drag washer like Penn battle II which makes this reel more reliable, powerful and doubles up the pressure for dealing the rough conditions (One on the top of the spool, two underneath the spool). Penn Spinfire has anodized aluminum Super line spool with Line Capacity Rings and ball bearing is made of stainless steel. As you know it is a water tight reel so this reel will give you more longevity than others.Penn Spinfisher v best spinning reel for the money

  • » This reel is water resistance and it gives you more longevity.
  • » Most adapted reel in the whole world.
  • » Gear ratio is 5.2:1 which is better than others.
  • » Light weight. Only 200g. The main beam is made of steel and central gear is made of alloy aluminum.
  • » This reel comes with Sealed 3 HT-100 drag system and immediate an anti-reverse feature.
  • » Maximum drag are 11lb/5kg-41lb/19kg and have 5 ball bearings.

Number 3: best saltwater spinning reel⇒ Daiwa Lexa spinning reel (saltwater/ freshwater)

This is an ideal reel for those budget conscious anglers who desire to have a big fish adventure. Daiwa built this reel to catch a big one with heavy line duty. Daiwa is one of the most trusted brands for fishing anglers. This reel has cutting edge features and shield aluminum body. It is a long lasting product. The gear system is updated with advance Digi-gear technology called Digigear™ that gives you smooth functionality, increase power and durability of your reel. Rubber grip handle gives you more control while spinning. This reel has 7 bearing including one roller bearing. The system provides you smooth drag under a load. If you want to participate in any fishing competition then this reel would be best for you because of its strength and ability. Lexa Best saltwater spinning reel

  • » Daiwa comes with lightweight air rotor. Parts of this reel are very strong. So you can easily fish medium or large class.
  • » Instant anti-reverse option Micro-click front drag system makes this reel more affordable.
  • » This reel has 7 ball bearings including 1 roller bearing. So drag system is even better.
  • » Shield ABS aluminum spool, Digigear™ digital gear technology, increase its longevity.
  • » Body is made of aluminum so it will last long than graphite reel.
  • » Gear ratio depends on product sizes.

Its aluminum alloy HardBodyz® construction offers best longevity and power. You can also try the best spinning reel under $50.

Number 4: another best spinning reel under 100 dollars⇒ Okuma fishing Tackle:

This reel offers 7+1 stainless steel shield ball bearing containing 1 roller bearing. This is an elite-level spinning reel delivers best long cast, high-speed retrieves, smooth drag and better longevity. I am impressed with the powerful drag system. The long filament C-40X carbon frame makes this reel weightless. This RTX series is 25% lighter and 50% stronger than a graphite reel. Its light weight helps to jig easily and cast a long line. Okuma fishing tackle RTX comes with two tone mechanism, ported aluminum spools, and forged aluminum handle. Okuma truly uses quality materials because its performance is appreciated by most of the anglers. You will be glad to buy it instead of purchasing other expensive reels in the marketplace.Okuma spinning reel
Features: (recommend model are RTX-55S, RTX-40S or RTX-35S)

  • » Excellent design and quality material comparing with other same price reels.
  • » This reel is 50% stronger and 25% lighter than a graphite reel. Okuma RTX is harder than brass and much more corrosion resistant so the drive system greatly increases its strength and durability.
  • » Gear ratio is 6:1, corrosion free main gear is made of anodize aluminum and have 7 ball bearings including one roller bearing which delivers smooth gear and performance.
  • » Body is made of C-40X carbon fiber with hydro block water shielded drag. The Rotor is made by the computer-balanced equalizing system.
  • » Instant anti-reverse roller bearing with Japanese oiled felt Drag.
  • » RTX-30S: Gear ratio is 6.0:1, Retrieval hand (Both), 7Bb+1RB bearings, max drag is 13lbs, mono capacity (lbs/yard) is (4/355, 6/225, 8/175).
  • » RTX-35S: Gear ratio is 6.0:1, Retrieval hand (Both), 7Bb+1RB bearings, max drag is 13lbs, mono capacity (lbs/yard) is (6/325, 8/260, 10/180).
  • » RTX-40S: Gear ratio is 6.0:1, Retrieval hand (Both), 7Bb+1RB bearings, max drag is 13lbs, mono capacity (lbs/yard) is (8/325, 10/230, 12/205).
  • » RTX-55S: Gear ratio is 4.5:1, Retrieval hand (Both), 7Bb+1RB bearings, max drag is 20lbs, mono capacity (lbs/yard) is (10/380, 12/340, 15/240).

This reel will attract you with its multi features and quality design and has everything you need and nothing you don’t need. If want more fishing parts and accessories just check this. Fishing accessories.

Number 5: Kast king series⇒ KastKing Kodiak with (10+1) ball bearings

One of the best reels I have ever seen because this reel has 10+1 stainless steel shielded ball bearing which means you will get more softness while casting and recapture your line than other three. If you are a full-time fisherman and want to use your reel in both fresh and saltwater, then this reel can work as well for saltwater and freshwater. People love to buy high-quality reel at a low price. This reel will give you the opportunity. Kastking Kodiak name comes from the bears that roam Alaska fishing for salmon. It is also waterproof so it protects your reel from water, dust, sand and increases your product longevity. Update version gives you ten plus one bearing and full aluminum body. I especially have this one for its smoothness and it never let me down anytime.KastKing best spinning reel under 100

  • »39.5lb Carbon Fiber drag with stainless steel shield bearing.
  • »Water resistance with full zero-flex solid aluminum body and rotor.
  • »Carbon fiber drag system gives it 39lb/18kg of power to catch big monster fish.
  • »Its main shaft is made of pure aluminum with advanced CNC technology.
  • »Most important craze is, this reel has 10+1 bearing which means it will be much better than 6 bearing and gives you smooth casting and spin.

I suggest you buy this because this kastking is the last reel you will ever call for.

Number 6: another best spinning reel for the money⇒ Penn Fierce II aluminum spinning reel

This is the best spinning reel under 100 dollars. I bought this reel as a combo about one year ago and still, I have not had any problem with it although there is no sign of corrosion in it. This gives you first action with a light tackle rod-like (6-17lb). you can try our Penn 5000 combo pack. My highest record is I caught 15 pounds after 10 minutes of battle using this Penn Fierce reel. Its full aluminum body is better than graphite body. Side plate maintains accurate gear alignment under heavy pressure. Instant Anti-reverse bearing and hybrid aluminum bail wire make this reel perfect. This reel has 5 shield ball bearings so water or dust like sand can’t enter inside. Its first version was Fierce. Then they upgraded to the latest version with heavier duty bail wire, super line spool, and strong drag system. Especially drag system will never fail you while fighting a long time with big monsters.Fierce best spinning reel for the money

  • » One of the best reels under the budget.
  • » Advanced gear alignment with the full aluminum body.
  • » Bail wire is made of heavy-duty aluminum. Techno-balanced rotor and immediate anti-reverse bearing give you smooth retrieves and casting.
  • » This reel has 5 shield stainless steel ball bearings with oiled felt drag system.
  • » The range of gear ratio is 5.2:1-6:1. It depends on your product size.
  • » PENN-1416 has 5.2:1 gear ratio with a dual retrieve. Max drag is 7 and Braid capacity are 275/6, 130/8, 110/10.
  • » PENN-1417 has 6.2:1 gear ratio with a dual retrieve. Max drag is 7 and Braid capacity are 210/8, 180/10, 165/15.
  • » PENN-1420 has 5.6:1 gear ratio with a dual retrieve. Max drag is 7 and Braid capacity are 420/20, 300/30, 240/40.

This reel is manufactured for war with big fishes. I like this reel because it gives me awesome feedback for the money. This reel is an all-rounder in this field.

Number 7: another best spinning reel for the money⇒ Abu Garcia SX30 (both salt /freshwater uses)

Abu Garcia is more trustable brand than others for its superior design, quality material, and advance mechanism. Normally their regular products prices are above 100$ but you will find some reels under hundred. This SX reel made for years of heavy use both in saltwater and freshwater. Every anglers and fisherman appreciate the performance of this brand. So it obtains 5 out of 5-star rating from customers. C6 carbon body gives it light weight and 8+1 stainless bearing provides corrosion protection while maintaining operation. They use the carbon matrix hybrid drag system in it for smooth drag. So let’s check the reel specifications.Abu Garcia Orra Best spinning reel under 100

  • » Average customer rating is very good. so it is very popular with its promising features.
  • » Abu Garcia has 8 stainless steel HPCR bearing + 1 roller bearing that boosts corrosion protection and increases smooth operation.
  • » This reels body is made of C6 carbon with the IM-C6TM design. The main shaft is made of stainless steel.
  • » X-Craftic Gearbox and carbon matrix Hybrid drag system provide better casting control and smooth drag performance. So you can use all types of fishing line in your reel.
  • » You can adjust handle position to left/right. Its retrieve rate is 33”/84cm.
  • » Gear ratio is 5.8:1

Abu Garcia SX comes with superior design with great strength and durability that’s provides over many years of heavy use both in the fresh and saltwater environment. Medium or large size will give you more comfort.

Number 8: Shimano best saltwater spinning reel Shimano Spirex RG

If you want to catch fish like crappie or bluegill then this reel is best for you. Because when a big fish trapped in your bait, it will give you the rear drag for more control. You can grab large catfish or big fishes without any difficulty. The price of this reel starts from 55$-220$ depending on your reel size but try to buy at least medium size. So you can have this best spinning reel under 100 dollars. This reel has a maximum drag of 6pound. This Shimano saltwater spinning has 6.2:1 gear ratio which is a great plus point of this reel because it is higher than 4.5:1 even advanced than 5.2:1 ratio. The spool is made of cold-forged aluminum and this reel has one-handed casting system. You can also check rod and reel combo pack.Shimano SpireX

  • » Shimano Spirex RG has 6.2:1 gear ratio so it works faster than 5.2:1
  • » This reels line capacity is 2/270, 6/110 and maximum drag is 6 pounds.
  • » It has 5 ball bearings and that works smoothly.
  • » Graphite frame makes this reel weightless with cold forged aluminum spool.
  • » Rubber handle grips give you more control to hold it. With it, you can catch big fishes easily without any issue.

Number 9⇒ Kastking sharky Baitfeeder

When I first saw this reel my eyes stuck on it. Because I just love its color and design. It will be a great Christmas gift for your friend who loves fishing. This reel is also ultra light weight because of its corrosion free graphite body. The price is very reasonable and cheap. So it will be best for the beginner. You can use it both in saltwater and freshwater. You can see some extraordinary features normally found only in high-grade manufacturers like Shimano, Daiwa or Abu Garcia. As I said in my article that front gear is a plus point of a reel. So its plus point is it has classic front gear with rear gear. Kasting king Baitfeeder spinning reel comes with carbon fiber drag, front gear, unique features and computer-controlled high technology system. So anglers who want to fish with live baits and drifting cut bait in a current. If you compare the price range, it will beat brands such as Okuma or Daiwa. So you can try this one.KastKing Best fresh water spinning reel

  • » Price is low compare than others. The color is beautiful but longevity is an issue with this reel.
  • » This reel has 10+1 corrosion free smooth ball bearing. Maximum drag is up to 33lb with 5.2:1 powerful gear ratio.
  • » Its body is made of graphite. This reel has carbon fiber drag washer for the smoothest drag. CNC based aluminum spool, stainless steel main shaft, and computer balanced rotor gives you more control while fishing.
  • » You can adjust the handle left or right as you wish. Handle grip is also well designed.
  • » Model 3000: weight is 352g with 12.5kg max drag. Line capacity is 215m-110m. Mono-filament ability is 6lb/235yds, 10lb/165yds, 12lb/120yds.
  • » Model 3000: weight is 352g with 12.5kg max drag. Line capacity is 215m-110m. Mono-filament ability is 6lb/235yds, 10lb/165yds, 12lb/120yds.
  • » Model 3000: weight is 352g with 12.5kg max drag. Line capacity is 215m-110m. Mono-filament ability is 6lb/235yds, 10lb/165yds, 12lb/120yds.

My recommendation is to try to buy model 6000 because you can get this series at a low price.

Number 10 ⇒ Pflueger president low budget spinning reel

President limited edition is a medium-range spinning reel that has attracted customers because you can get high features and equipment at mid- range price under 100. This reel obtains 4.6 out of 5-star reviews from 552 customers but our team has given 4.5 stars comparing our top 5 spinning reel list. Price range varies on your sizes. This reel is a lightweight graphite spinning reel and gives you solid performance at a great value. Pflueger president has soft touch knob with on/off anti-reverse option. It also comes with left or right adjustable retrieve system.pflueger-president-spinning-reel-cheap-spinning-reel

  • » Have 9 stainless steel ball bearings and all are anti-reverse bearing. Model 6920 have 7 bearings.
  • » The graphite body and rotor make it really lightweight.
  • » Pflueger president comes with the smooth multi-disc corrosion resistance drag system that ensures you stable drag performance.
  • » But you can use it only in fresh water. It is not suitable for saltwater.
  • » The aluminum handle and rubber knob provide you great grip and comfort.
  • » Gear ratio is 5:1-6:1 depending on your reel size.

Do you want spinning reels cover? then check this best reel cover.

How to Setup a Spinning Reel: So you have already found your best spinning reel under 100 dollars but don’t know how to set up a spinning reel! Don’t worry. I will give you sort and easy guidance. First, you need to know how to fit it in your fishing rod and start fishing. I will provide you step by step direction about how to set-up a spinning reel on your fishing rod. It might take less than 10 minutes.
Step1-> Assemble your fishing equipment: First purchase your spinning reel, rod, line, baits, from here. It is important to choose the right line. Spinning reels are good for making the long cast with small lures. The line can break or twist which is a matter of a headache. So choose a line which can be cast easily. Put the line on the ground and run the line on the rod to reel with the bail open and attach it strongly to the spool and then close the bail.
Step2->put tension on line: you should put pressure on the line in front of the reel while you spin the reel handle to load it. You should not overfill the spool because overfill would be the major issue of looping and spinning.How to setup a spinning reel Then use your finger on the reel to put tension on the line until the weight of the lure puts a pressure on it in water. You can reel normally when the line is taut.
Step3-> Line twist and drag: If you have some line twist then the line will twist up and it will be causing all over the spool. Then it will create casting problem. So if it occurs, let the line go as you can. Then stop and wind it back on. You should grip it taut while wind it. How to setup a spinning reelDrag is an important mechanism that allows your line to the spool off and you can slowly let the line off when a big fish stuck on your bait so that your line doesn’t break. You can find your drag handle in front of the reel or backside. If a small fish bites the bait and it takes the drag away then you must tighten it. When a big fish start pulling the reel then the line is going to break. So what should you do? Just loosen the drag and solve the problem. For example, if you are catching larger fish like the Blue Marlin the drag will help to prevent them from snapping and breaking the line.How to setup a spinning reel You can use a scale (buy it) and set it to 25%. so these are the basic step rules to set-up a spinning reel. If it is not enough for you then check this.
Step4-> fishing reel maintenance: If you take proper care of your fishing reel, it will give you lifetime performance. Sand and dirt can damage your reel. So after fishing, first clean it and use a protect cover and then store it in a dust-free dry place. You can buy your reel and rod cover from here at the lowest price. Try to use lubricate in the reels parts. Stay away from WD-40. That might ruin your parts and doesn’t give the smooth cast and retrieves. Here is your best lubricate at a reasonable price.How to use a spinning reel
How to use a spinning reel: This reel is most popular and used by the huge amount of fisherman and fish lovers across all over the world. The Spinning reel is easy to use and it is extremely versatile. Don’t fill up the reel because you should leave about 1/8 inch of a gap at the lip of the spool. So that its work smoothly. When you cast the reel, keep eyes on the target. Try to practice it at home. Hang up your baits around 20 inches from the tip of the rod so that you can get maximum distance. That’s how you can get a longer cast. After finishing the cast, close the bail manually with your hand. These are the simple tips to simplify your fishing experience. So you already have learned how to use a spinning reel but do you want to catch fish easily? If you want then you need a fish finder. Here is the best fish finder list.
Family fishing vacations: Fishing is always as a central part of our culture and tradition. You can spend your holidays with your loved one with some soft-bear or cold drinks near the local fishing spot. You can make a camp there for one day and take your friend or family to there. You can take your kids with you because he/she will remember this experience in her whole life. So it will create the father-son sweet memory. Fishing vacation Everyone wants to spend their vacation and leisure time by doing some extraordinary activities like fishing, hiking, going on a picnic; traveling etc. Fishing is one of them. Man, woman, children, and all aged people enjoy the sport of fishing. If you want to release your stress and pain then take your fishing gear and go next to mountain, river, pond, lake or Open Ocean located nearby you with your kids, friends or family. It will give you a great recreation and pleasure.Family fishing vacation About 50% Americans are overweight. So you can take your family to fishing except taking them to a restaurant. Ha-ha, it is not a joke by the way. Overall you can get social bonding benefit from fishing because you can share your fishing experience with your family, friends, and neighbors. In my term, I always go for fishing with my friends or family and spend the whole day with them. You can also check best fishing rods.

Public take their fishing seriously and day by day it has become a competitive sport among all. So if you choose between any of these ten reels, you will not fail to purchase the best spinning reel under 100 dollars because these are suitable for the beginner as well as professional, easy to handle, more affordable and have multi features although not a single buyer will be disappointed investing any of these mentioned spinning reels. Thanks for reading.

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