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best fish finder under 200Best fish finder under $500: A huge number of Fish Finder brands and models hit every year in the market. All have different features and option. If you are a beginner then you will not easily understand the comparison between these features. That’s why you need an expert opinion. After hours of testing, our team has listed the top5 best fish finder under 500 dollars. We compared more than thirty products of different models and noticed how these features could benefit you to catch a big fish. So before purchasing a fish finder under 500  let’s grab some fundamental knowledge about it.
How fish finder works: Fish Finder is an electronic gadget designed for the purpose of detecting fishes in the water. It helps to find fish easily although you can get information about its size, weight, composition and distance also. This sonar instrument works by detecting reflect Impulses of the sound wave. By the sound energy, you can even get the graphical screen of underwater debris, base structure and depth of water. All these information will reflect on your screen in graphic rendition. Modern fish finder has GPS navigation system which allows you to save spots where you were successful in the past and you can mark them and use them instead of other areas for a better fishing experience. Learn more.
Why you need a fish finder: suppose you want to for fishing with your boat or kayak. It is frustrating floating aimlessly in the water. But it will be more annoying if you get nothing to show the end of the day. Your whole day will be buried. So buy a fish finder, get plenty of fresh fishes and maximize your efforts. You must have this gadget if you want to participate in any fishing competition. If you are a fisherman, you can maximize your fishing quantity with this. As a beginner, you can use it to catch fishes easily. Before buying a fish finder you have to consider these features:
Transducer: The transducer sends a signal in water and receives it. The power of transducer depends on your fishing location. For example, if you are going for sea fishing then you want a transducer that sends signal deep in the deep-sea water.
GPS: Modern fish finders have this unique feature but they are costly. Don’t worry because we try to keep these fish finder on our list. You can try our best fish finder under 200 lists. The main benefit you can have in this is you can save the location where you were successful last session. So you can track the location and again have some excellent fishing experience.
Screen: According to your budget you can have a full-color display screen. Low priced finders have an analog black-white display screen. If you have the large screen, you can easily pinpoint the exact location where fish are hidden. If your budget is low, try to buy above 240×160 screen resolution. So lowest suggested resolution is 240×160. You don’t need huge money to increase screen resolution. The screen resolution is fine in the best fish finder under $500.
Scan: Two types of fish finder found in the market. These are side scan and down scan. If the depth of water is low, a side scan will give you the better result than down scan because it checks vast amount of water. On the other hand, if your fishing location is Open Ocean then you need a down scan fish finder. It is a deep water fish finder which allows you to scan depth under your boat. So it is effective in deep water and more powerful and focused. If you need a rod or reel just check this.
Price: So you have already decided what types of fish finder do you want to have. If the location is a lake, canal, pond or river then you need a side scan fish finder. It is low costly than down scan. Down scan works excellent in deep water like the ocean or deep lake. This is little costly than side scan fish finder. There are three types of Fish Finder. You can check them here. The networked-fish-finder is an advanced gadget where you can find GPS vector Charts, Radar, satellite radio and everything you need but the price is little high. If you are curious then check this.
So lets choose the best fish finder under 500. Here is the top 5 fish finder list.

Number 1 best fish finder under $500: Garmin echo 551dvGarmin echo fish finder

This Garmin Echo 551DV comes with a lot of new features and options. It is also easy to use. This is a premium version have all in one transducer. The transducer provides advanced HD display of 77/200 kHz. This also scans both horizontally and vertically. Its auto gain feature assists you to normalize signal strength. This Garmin Echo has 5” high-resolution color display and smooth scanning system. Its cone angle provides big picture even in shallow water under about 2300 feet. Deep capacity depends on water clarity and frequency. You can adjust your view from narrow to broad to cover up more distance around your kayak or boat. It also gives you water resistance rating and adjustable line. This fish finder has ultra scroll features so it targets fishes when your boat is running fast. So take a look on its other features.

  • » The display resolution is 480×640 pixels. It is a 5 inches color VGA screen.
  • » Transducer operating frequency is 77/200 kHz. Maximum depth is 2300 (fresh water) feet or 330m depends on water clarity and types.
  • » It has HD-ID tracking technology with sonar history rewind option so that you might not miss any spot.
  • » You can adjust the depth line. It has water proof rating IPX7.
  • » Ultra scroll provides clear images when the boat runs fast.
  • » It has the water temperature reading system and down Vü dual beam sonar scanning.
  • Transmit power is 500w/4000w and has cable
  • » It gives excellent graphic view and base structure under your boat.
  • » The screen is bright and has balanced color combination.
  • » You can set an alarm that helps you stay aware.

So this fish finder has all the advanced features and options a fisherman or angler needs. You can get all these option in a best fish finder under 500 dollars. You can add a GPS with it. We try to provide you proper information and suggestion. So keep reading our next fish finders reviews which are given below.