Best spinning reel under $50


Best spinning reel under $50

If you want to buy the best spinning reel under 50 dollars then you have landed on the right place. We think that low budget means low-quality products and materials. But all are not the same. Some spinning reels have the same features as others at the reasonable price. So choosing a reel under 50 is not easy to you but you can easily find it from here because our team has tested many reels and ranked the products on its weight, performance, and strength. We also looked not only the price range but also its durability and mechanism. You can choose any of these top ten best cheap spinning reels for the money. These reels are low-priced and suitable for both experienced anglers and beginners.
How to pick a spinning reel: Having the best spinning reel under $50 is not easy because you can find a huge number of reels from different manufactured company. If you want to buy a reel at this price range and don’t select the right one, you will be disappointed because the line will get tangled and you cannot catch fishes easily. So you have to choose those reels which have at least 5:1 gear ratio and 5 ball bearings. If you want to go on saltwater fishing then you have to buy a saltwater fishing reel. In our top10 spinning reel list, we try to keep those reels which work both in freshwater and saltwater. A spinning reel is easy to use than bait caster or spin caster reel. So it doesn’t require much experience as bait caster. You should check out the benefit of a spinning reel from here. There are many latest models delivers great design and added features at affordable prices but you have to choose the right one. Higher your budget and have the best spinning reel under 100 dollars. Now you are ready to check the top ten lists but before buying it you should have these features in your reel:
Reel body: It is important to go with a lightweight fishing reel. Not all the spinning reels come with same the materials. Normally there are three types of materials used to build this fishing gear. There is another one called Hybrid like the Okuma Trio. It is a mixture of graphite and aluminum. These are the materials description:
Aluminum: This material is used to build saltwater fishing reel because it is water and sand resistance. The longevity is better than Magnesium and graphite reel but little heavier than others. It will give you long time performance.KastKing Best fresh water spinning reel
Magnesium: lightweight spinning is made of this material. This reel is not for saltwater fishing because it is not corrosion resistance so can be easily damaged by dust, sand or saltwater. But this lightweight reel is best for fresh water.
Graphite: Graphite reels are lighter than aluminum. It is a mid level reel better than magnesium but not as good as aluminum. It is also strong and durable. Its lightweight body gives you more power and control while fishing.
Hybrid: you can use this reel both in freshwater and saltwater because it is very strong and corrosion resistance. This reel is better than aluminum because this reel is designed with the hybrid construction which is made of graphite and aluminum combination. This combination makes this reel very strong and long lasting. You may also hear about carbon fiber reel which is also as strong as a Hybrid reel and gives you best quality and performance.
My recommendation is an aluminum reel or a Hybrid reel. Carbon fiber reel is also a good choice but these are high priced reels.
Gear ratio: Gear ratio means how fast the fishing line will retrieve in your spool. The range of gear ratio is 4.1:1-6.3:1 depends on your product. Gear ratio 6.0:1 means for each handle turn your bail spins six times in the region of the spool. So the functionality of gear ratio is quite simple to understand. So if you want fast spinning then go with 5.2:1 or above because it is more handy and adjustable.
Drag: Drag is another important factor you should find out before buying the best spinning reel under $50 because it indicates how easy it will be to manage the fish. New models provide computer-based advanced drag system. In the latest models, you can easily adjust drag pressure while fighting with big fish. It depends on gearbox and ball bearing. Almost all latest models have a waterproof gear box. So sand or water cannot go inside the reel. Ball bearings depend on reel size. 5 ball bearings are good but 6 or above would be better for fishing. If you choose right reel you will get smooth drag and better control.
Reel spool: spinning reel have several vital parts and reel spool is one of the. It is an important part of a reel because it controls the drag system and the distance of the cast. Long cast spool is designed to reduce friction so that the cast can go farther. Other two types of spools are Skirted spool and internal spool which is not as long as long cast spool. Normally it is made with lightweight material like graphite or aluminum.
Size: different sizes have different quality and features. It depends on what types of fish you want to catch. You must have some knowledge about reels size before buying it. Take a look on reels size and capacity.
Reel maintenance: maintenance of a reel is also important because it can be easily damaged by dust and reel maintenance So after every use wash and clean it properly. Then dry it and put it in a reel cover. If you don’t have one then buy it from here best reel cover for you from accessories menu. Check this if you want to learn more about Reel maintenance.
Construction and weight: weight is another important one to consider before buying a spinning reel. Lightweight will give you more control and power to handle this. A Heavy reel will be a nightmare for those anglers who spend a long time on the water. It is important to purchase a lightweight reel for easier handling. It also helps to cast long. Lightweight means not less strong. Most new models are corrosion resistance and extremely strong and powerful. Aluminum, carbon and Hybrid reels provide great performance with better longevity at a reasonable price. If you are a beginner or an experienced angler, this information will help you to buy the best spinning reel for the money.
You already have learned about spinning reel. After hours of testing on many particular subjects and condition, our team has selected the top10 best spinning reel under $50 that fulfill all the above requirements. Features and specifications are given below. So let’s choose the best one.

Number 1: best spinning reel under $50: Shimano Sienna FD spinning reel

Shimano is one of the most trusted brands all over the world. Anglers love this reel because it is simple, easy to use and have an impressive design. Everyone loves its solid structure and smooth drag system. It is also light weight. Weight is around 7.2 ounces. This reel performs best with 5lb and 6lb test. Shimano Sienna comes with an aluminum spool and ultra light graphite body frame. Side plate, rotor, rubber griped ported handle are also there. Max drag ability is around 8 pound and suitable for freshwater fishing. You can also use it in saltwater but before go on saltwater fishing you have to strip it down and try to lube the whole thing. So let’s look at the features of the reel. You can also check this video review.shimano fd best spinning reel under 50

  • » Lightweight gadget. You can use it both in saltwater and freshwater.
  • » Great rear drag system gives you smooth drag and performance.
  • » It comes with aluminum spool, ultra light graphite rust-proof body, and rotor. Models are SN-1000FD, SN-4000FD. Comparing these two models SN-4000FD would be best for you.
  • » Its advanced power roller and handle shank decrease the line twist and retrieving. Shimano sienna also has an anti-reverse feature to reduce black play.
  • » Aluminum spool lip gives longer casting distance. It balanced gearbox and rotor enhance smoothness and sensitivity.
  • » Gear ratio is 5.2:1 is fine considering its price. Max drag is 8pounds which is better for fresh water and enough for saltwater fishing.
  • » Line capacity (yds/lbs): 270/2, 140/4, 110/6.

Basically one of the best spinning reels available at this low price. Considering the price range, this high-quality reel will help you to catch low to medium size fish. If you want to go with bigger one then buy 4000FD series. Try our best fishing combo pack full set.

Number 2: one of the best saltwater spinning reels: Daiwa Revros REV2000H

Daiwa REV2000H performs better than Pflueger and Shimano because it can be used both in fresh water and fresh water. Normally it is the best saltwater spinning reel under 50 dollars. I put it in number two position because this reel is little heavy and the price range is little high than Shimano FD. But this weight will give you better longevity and control. The air rotor weight is 15%less than another reel. So it is not a big deal. The Corrosion resistance composite body makes this reel super strong and reliable. It has huge max drag of 33lbs. you will find a roller bearing which prevents reverse rotation. Design and color are also attractive with the gray and black combination. You can also choose the golden and gray combination. I personally have a black and gray mishmash. Take a look at best spinning reel under 100 dollars. So here is the key information about this spinning reel under 50 daiwa

  • » You can use it both in saltwater and freshwater.
  • » This reel comes with (7bb+1rb=8) bearing. 7ball bearings and one roller bearing give you smooth drag. Max drag is 33lbs.
  • » It has AbS aluminum spool, advanced air rotor, digital gear system and corrosion free stainless steel ball bearing.
  • » Gear ratio is 5.6:1 which is better than number 1.
  • » Line capacity (yds/lbs): 135/6, 110/8, 90/10
  • » Air rotor weight is 15% lighter than other rotors. Composite body is very strong and corrosion free which gives you long lasting performance.

I think you cannot find anything better than this Daiwa REV2000H at this 50 dollar price range.
Number 3: Pflueger president
This is a low priced reel have multi features and gives you outstanding performance. Pflueger president reel comes with graphite body and rotor which is ultra lightweight. Weight is 12.8 ounces. It is normally used in fresh water but also works well on salt water. Its rubber grip handle gives you more control while fishing. The Corrosion resistance anti-reverse drag system ensures you steady drag pressure. You can tie the braid to the spool directly. It’s reversible front drag gives you more comfort. You will be happy with this reel as we are.pflueger-president-spinning-reel-cheap-spinning-reel

  • » This spinning reel has 9 ball bearings. So this is the main plus point of this reel. The drag is very smooth while casting the long line. These bearings are made of stainless steel. These are also
  • » corrosion resistance with anti-reverse features.
  • » You can adjust the handle left or right. So you will get dual-retrieve.
  • » Gear ratio is 5.2:1 which good. The super smooth Drag system is extremely superior. Its max drag is 6lbs.
  • » Graphite body and rotor, aluminum handle and spool. Stainless steel ball bearings and wires.
  • » Line capacity (yds/lbs): 110/4, braid capacity (yds/lbs):140/6. It depends on product size and model.

This reel will provide you smooth performance at a great value. So you could have this best spinning reel under $50 dollars.
Number 4: Okuma Avenger ABF Bait feeder
Okuma is a trusted brand all over the world. People love its performance and features. This Okuma manufacturing company gives one-year product warranty. So you should have this one. It comes with multi disk drag system and Japanese oiled filled washer. Also, this reel is water and dust proof because of its shield ball bearings and gear box. Its lever located behind the handle allows you to run the line freely without opening the bail. The lever has on/ off option. So it will automatically disengage the bait-feeding system so that you can fight your fish with your main drag system. This Okuma Avenger is a tournament grade spinning reel which provides you great performance, smooth drag, quality contraction and affordable price.Okuma best spinning reel for the money

  • » Corrosion resistant water shield stainless steel ball bearings, wire, and gear box.
  • » Lightweight corrosion proof graphite body and spool.
  • » Anti-reverse roller bearings with hydro block water resistance drag.
  • » Aluminum handle and ported spool with off/on lever feeding system.
  • » 6 stainless steel ball bearings containing 1 roller bearing give you smooth drag and more control.
  • » This reel has computer balanced rotor equalizing structure.
  • » Gear ratio is 4.5:1-5.5:1 depends on you reel size.
  • » Max drag is 8 pounds-22 pounds depends on you reel model.
  • » Model 20a: 6BB+1RB (BB=ball bearings, RB=roller bearings), line capacity (yds/lbs) 190/4, 110/6, 90/8. The Gear ratio is 5.0:1 with 8 pounds max drag.
  • » Model 30a: 6BB+1RB (BB=ball bearings, RB=roller bearings), line capacity (yds/lbs) 330/6, 260/8, 180/10. The Gear ratio is 5.0:1 with 12 pounds max drag.
  • » Model 50a: 6BB+1RB (BB=ball bearings, RB=roller bearings), line capacity (yds/lbs) 440/10, 390/12, 280/15.The Gear ratio is 4.5:1 with 17 pounds max drag.
  • » Model 90a: 6BB+1RB (BB=ball bearings, RB=roller bearings), line capacity (yds/lbs) 590/20, 440/25, 330/30. The Gear ratio is 4.5:1 with 22 pounds max drag.

Its strength and performance will make you happy I guaranteed. I prefer you to buy 30a/50a for mid-level fishing. Buy 90a to fight with big monster fish. Best full set fishing combo pack.

Number 5 best cheap spinning reels: Shimano Sonora

Its gorgeous color and design will attract you. When you hooked you fish it provides smooth clutch control and gives you excellent performance. Its cold-forged aluminum spool and accurate cast make this reel more reliable at the affordable price. This Shimano Sonora comes with some new unique features. So let’s check out.Shimano-cheap-spinning-reel

  • » Super stop II and S-guard are two new features that prevent damages to the frame and rotor.
  • » Beautiful white and orange color combination.
  • » It gives you better all round performance and control.
  • » This reel provides you accurate cast and retrieve with smooth clutch control.
  • » Have 5 water shield stainless steel ball bearings. Also, has one roller bearing for instant anti-reverse.
  • » Model SON1000FB: this model has 6.2:1 gear ratio, 5 ball bearings. Line capacities are (yds/lbs) 2/270, 4/140.
  • » Model SON2500FB: this model has 6.2:1 gear ratio, 5 ball bearings. Line capacities are (yds/lbs) 6/200, 8/140.
  • » Model SON4000FB: this model has 5.7:1 gear ratio, 4 ball bearings. Line capacities are (yds/lbs) 8/240, 10/200.

I recommend you go with Model SON2500FB because its gear ratio is high with better line capacity. Reel maintenance is also important. So you should have a reel cover and lubricants.
Number 6: Piscifun Destroyer 2000 3000 4000 series
This is not a well-known brand to the beginners but you can have this reel without any confusion. I personally have this one and still, it gives me great performance without any problem. It has quality material and advance mechanism. Its aluminum made body and cover gives you better longevity than graphite body frame. This Piscifun series is one of the best buy fishing tackles on the online marketplace. Its main craze is carbon fiber drag system which gives you excellent control and smooth drag than other reels. Its titanium coat roller bearing prevents line twist and retrieve. The rating of this reel is very high. So you must have this one. Specifications are given below.destroyer-cheap-spinning-reel

  • » The Piscifun spinning reel have 7 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing. All are stainless steel.
  • » Body frame spools are made of aluminum, the rotor is made of graphite which is lightweight, stainless steel main shaft, CNC machined aluminum handle with rubber grip.
  • » It’s powerful carbon fiber drag disk and titanium coated roller bearing give you exceptional drag performance. This reel has a front drag with dual retrieve option.
  • » This reel is super strong and light weight.
  • » Gear ratio is 5.0:1 which is ok considering its longevity and strength.
  • » The drag is sealed with corrosion resistance carbon fiber.
  • » Model SL20 MX20: ball bearings are the same. The Gear ratio is 5.0:1. Max drag is around 13lbs. braid capacity is (yds/lbs) 175/10. Line/mono capacity is (yds/lbs) 160/8.
  • » Model MX30: ball bearings are the same. The Gear ratio is 5.0:1. Max drag is around 13lbs/ 6kg. braid capacity is (yds/lbs) 190/12. Line/mono capacity is (yds/lbs) 200/8.
  • » Model SL40 MX40: ball bearings are the same. The Gear ratio is 4.6:1. Max drag is around 16lbs. braid capacity is (yds/lbs) 250/14. Line/mono capacity is (yds/lbs) 180/12.

Always I prefer aluminum or carbon fiber hybrid reel. This reel has this. So don’t think, just buy this. DO you want to find fish easily? Here are the best fish finder reviews.
Number 7: Mitchell 300 fishing reel
Another best spinning reel under $50. This reel comes with the advanced polymeric body which is more strong and lighter than aluminum body frame. Its carbon fiber drag allows you to put extra pressure while fighting with fish. The aluminum handle is very comfortable and provides smooth spinning while retracing the line. This reel has enough ball bearings and all are corrosion free and shield. So let’s check the features.Mitchell-best-spinning-reel-under50

  • » It’s advanced polymeric body is extremely strong and lightweight than an aluminum reel.
  • » Has 8BB with an instant anti-reverse roller bearing. Gear ratio is 5.5:1
  • » Aluminum rubber gripped handle and spool. Has carbon fiber multi-disk drag system.
  • » The handle knob is also comfortable and gives better control.
  • » Composite Bail Halo completely surrounds the rotor.
  • » Its bail-support arm is a fully ringed shape.
  • » The EVA handle knob is very comfortable.

So if want to buy a simple comfortable lightweight reel then go with this reel.
You might hear the saying that “money always sounds.” If you increase you budget little more, you could have found a good one. So check this best spinning reel under $100.

Number 8 best spinning reel under 50 dollars: Kastking Mako 3500

Before buying a reel everyone wants to compare the features like the bearing, drag system, gear ratio etc. this reel has all of this. You can find many new features and option in it. One of the best saltwater spinning reels under 50 dollar. It is updated with 36 inches of per line turn on the handle and provides you impressive retrieve. Its rotor brushes stop line twist or dropping while fishing. Kastking Mako gives you the freedom to use it both on fresh water and saltwater. This rock-solid reel comes with the Aero alloy aluminum frame and spool. The color combination is very stylish with black and silver color finish. This is my favorite product because the color and design attract me a lot. This unique reel gives a tough competition to brands such as Shimano, Daiwa or Abu Garcia both in features and spinning reel under 50

  • » Suitable for both on fresh and saltwater fishing.
  • » You can get the higher ball bearing with carbon fiber drag at a reasonable low price.
  • » It has nine stainless steel ball bearings. All are shielded. 8BB+1RB give you fantastic drag experience. Max drag is up to 22lbs/10kg.
  • » Gear ratio is 5.1:1. The main trend is this reel doesn’t have graphite spool. It has a deep aluminum spool and body frame.
  • » Instant line retrieve (36inch per turn). It has reversible CNC handle so that you can adjust the handle left or right.
  • » Prevent line twist and dropping.
  • » Model Mako 3500: Weight is 335g. Max Drag is 22lbs/10KG. The Line Capacity is (mm/m) 0.25mm/190m, 0.30/130, 0.35/100.

You should Put a Mako 3500 spinning reel on your fishing pole today.
Number 9 best spinning reel for the money: Abu Garcia cardinal spinning reel
Abu is a professional grade fishing gear accepted by many anglers. Graphite body makes this reel light weight. The line retracts range 27inch per handle turn. Handling is easy and overall casting is smooth. It’s bail and deliberate oscillation gives even line lay with any types of line and provides you good drag experience. This reel uses highest quality component so it will be perfect for light use.Abu-Garcia-best-spinning-reel-for-the-money

  • » This reel has 6BB and 1RB with an instant anti-reverse system.
  • » Ultra lightweight because of its graphite body and rotor. Easy to handle.
  • » Gear ratio is 5.2:1. It gives you smooth casting.
  • » Have dual retrieve option. So you can adjust the handle as you wish.
  • » Max drag is 14lbs. it is a mid-level reel.
  • » Model STX10: this model has 5.2:1 gear ratio. Spool capacity is (yds/lbs) 110/6.
  • » Model STX20: this model has 5.1:1 gear ratio. Spool capacity is (yds/lbs) 130/8.
  • » Model STX30: this model has 5.1:1 gear ratio. Spool capacity is (yds/lbs) 175/8.
  • » Model STX40: this model has 5.1:1 gear ratio. Spool capacity is (yds/lbs) 180/12.

This reel is not for heavy use. Ladies or kid can easily handle this lightweight reel. So you can have this reel for your children, wife as well as for you.

Number 10 best cheap spinning reels: Tokushima fishing reel

Tokushima manufactures all types of fishing products and gear. You can find baits, rods, wheel, and reel everything. Its products are sold all over the world. So it is a trusted brand for anglers. They use high-quality materials and computer based design. This is number 5 best spinning reel under $50. It is made both for salt and freshwater uses. User rating is very high. Tokushima has patent parallel winding CAD/CAM structure and dual bearing systems. The service and performance are just awesome. This reel has good sales cheap spinning reel under 50

  • » Best spinning reel under $50 because it allows both fresh and saltwater environments.
  • » This reel is water and Dust resistance, as well as the bearings, are sealed. So this reel will give you long lasting performance and services.
  • » This reel comes with all theadvancede technology like fordable CNC skill, dual retrieve, CAD/CAM design, dual bearings, aluminum crank etc.
  • » It has corrosion resistance metal body and copper alloy core axis.
  • » The powerful advanced drive system allows you to catch large fish.
  • Rotating disc 15+3 ball bearings. Gear ratio starts from 4.9:1-5.5:1, depends on reel size.
  • » 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 sizes have 4.9:1 gear ratio. 5000and 6000 has 5.5:1 gear ratio.

This new Tokushima spinning reel is a great value priced reel. You cannot find a better deal than this one.
Conclusion: All the reels above the list are very user-friendly. Maximum of them can be used both in fresh and salt water. They are lightweight, durable, strong and provide super longevity. So make your decision, choose the best spinning reel under $50 and go for fishing in a sweet sunny day with your friend or family and have a healthy life. Thank you.
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